About Mike

About Mike

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to check out my site. The paragraphs below have a bit about me and why I’ve put this site together. I’d welcome any comments or suggestions you have and there’s a place below for you to add those in. This site forms part of my business so as always if you like something, tell everybody but if something’s not right please tell me – don’t hold back. I’m a big boy!

Why start You Retire Well?

So this is something I’ve been think about for a while – starting a business to help people plan for and achieve their retirement goals.  I’m just over 60 as I write this so if I don’t get on with it, it’ll be too late and the opportunity will have passed by.  The other aspect of this is that it’s fun.  I like communicating with people and sharing ideas.  If we can help each other along the way then great.

My wife and I have six children and five grandchildren so at least to some extent this is about passing on some things I wish I knew when I was a whole lot younger.  If I can make even one of then or you or one of yours avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve face-planted into then it will all be worthwhile.  Surprising as it may seem to my family and those that know me, yes I’ve made a few mistakes….. but I’ve lived a life and with that experience comes well perhaps not wisdom but at least experience to be learned from.

I think I have something to offer you as one of my readers.  Professionally I have spent a considerable time in the military. I’ve also owned and run a financial planning business for wealthy individuals and charitable trusts and more recently I’m a partner in a professional services consultancy.  I’ve also been divorced, lost a considerable amount of money to fraud and am now type two diabetic. So a focus on the twin areas of financial security and health comes pretty naturally.

Why Should You Care?

If you’ve found your way here then you’re at least thinking about your options for stopping work.  Although I use the term I don’t really believe in “retirement” as such.  I can’t imagine stopping employment and doing nothing.  To some extent this business is about giving me something to keep ticking over as opposed to the 50+ hours a lot of us are typically putting in.

I’ve a fairly eclectic collection of thoughts on all this but some things are clear to me and that’s what this site will concentrate on:

  • Financial security and generating income for and in retirement
  • Physical and mental wellness – not much use having $$ if you’re not well enough to spend it
  • Ways of generating passive income – earn while you sleep if you will
  • Doing all this early enough to take the financial monkey of the back so you have options to live fully.

This is a Business

I’ve mentioned a few times that this is an online business.  As you’ve probably guessed it’s an affiliate site which means that if you click on a link to a product or supplier then I will probably get paid for any purchases you make.  Please note that you are not paying me.  If you purchase something from a supplier you found through this site then they pay me a small commission.

This is a well developed business model and one which has supplemented the income of many people around the world.  I have come to it through Wealthy Affiliates (WA) who are providing me the training and backroom technology stuff. It works for me but isn’t for everyone however if you have some interest check out this WA Link.  Before you click, turn on your BS meter with skepticism set to 80% but make sure that your mind is at least 50% open to the opportunity.  Don’t part with any cash until you’ve thoroughly checked out the free initial training and even your first free website.  Who knows it might be for you.

So that’s we I’m here and hopefully I can provide some support to you in setting and achieving your goals.  Remember it’s not just about the money, physical and mental wellness are at least as important.  Although it’s also true that while money doesn’t buy happiness at least if you’ve got it you can be unhappy in comfort!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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